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Cynora and LG Display expand their cooperation

Cynora TADF technology presents a new solution for a high-efficiency deep-blue emitter

8 Oct 2018 | Editor

Cynora has announced it has extended its Joint Development Agreement with LG Display. After two years of joint development since 2016, Cynora and LG Display have decided to continue their cooperation towards the commercialisation of TADF (thermally activated delayed fluorescence) emitters in OLED displays.

According to Cynora OLED panels are currently the dominating technology for TV and mobile applications.

However, to enable even more applications, OLED panel makers are urgently looking for a high-efficiency deep-blue emitter material. Cynora TADF technology presents a new solution to this issue after the current state-of-the-art technology, phosphorescence, has not succeeded in several years.

Cynora said they are the first company to demonstrate high-efficiency deep-blue emitter materials for OLED displays, while others have only reported on sky-blue materials that cannot be used in displays.

The company has recently shown that it is leading in deep-blue emitter materials for different approaches of the TADF technology, self-emitting or co-emitting approaches, which includes hyper-fluorescence.

Cynora has previously reported first sky-blue results in the spring of 2017, which are still the best sky-blue results with TADF materials reported to date.

First green materials have been sampled to OLED panel makers. Cynora also has a Joint Development Agreement with Samsung Display.

LG Display and Samsung joined Cynora as shareholders in 2017.

"Cynora's focus in our cooperation remains on deep-blue emitter materials for OLED TVs"
"Then, we will use our knowhow on deep-blue emitters to speed up the development of sky-blue emitters for lighting applications and green emitters for displays."

Gildas Sorin, CEO, Cynora

About Cynora

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About Cynora

Cynora is a leader in TADF technology. The company's focus is on high-efficiency OLED emitter systems. With a multidisciplinary team of more than 110 TADF experts, Cynora has developed a robust IP portfolio with more than 150 granted patents and expects to reach 1000 patents and patent applications within the next 2-3 years. Cynora is working closely with its customers on material and device development.

Source: Cynora

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