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Kyulux and Samsung Display sign joint development agreement

The joint development agreement will focus on accelerating the development of blue TADF and Hyperfluorescence

30 Aug 2018 | Editor

Kyulux has announced they have signed a joint development agreement with Samsung Display focused on deep blue materials.

In January 2018 Kyulux signed a joint development agreement with LG Display focused on blue TADF and Hyperfluorescence.

Kyulux announced in July that they had successfully developed some promising blue materials and would like to accelerate Blue TADF and Hyperfluorescence development by closely working with the world's leading display companies.

No financial or technical details of the agreements have not been disclosed.

Kyulux | Evolution of small molecule OLED materials

Figure: Kyulux | Evolution of small molecule OLED materials

"I’m really excited about the JDAs with LG Display and Samsung Display. It means a lot that the global dominant OLED display players chose us as a TADF and Hyperfluorescence developer. I feel confident that Kyulux can provide the world’s 1st commercially viable Hyperfluorescence not only Blue but also Red and Green for AMOLED in mid-2019."

Junji Adachi, CEO of Kyulux


About Kyulux

Kyulux was established in Japan in 2015 to develop next generation materials for OLED displays and lighting. Based on exclusively-licensed technology from Kyushu University, Kyulux develops hyperfluorescence TADF emitters that will enable cost-effective, durable and efficient OLEDs that do not rely on rare metals.

Kyulux is a growing company that currently employs over 50 people in its operations in both Japan and the U.S.

Source: Kyulux

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