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JOLED sets sight on producing large area printed OLED panels for TV and signage

At the recently held AMFPD2018 conference JOLED's Chief Technologist outline the companies roadmap

JOLED - Conference slide presentation

22 Aug 2018 | Editor

According to a press announcement Toshiaki Arai, Chief Technologist of JOLED, recently gave an invited presentation on Innovative Technologies for OLED Display Manufacturing at AMFPD2018 – The 25th International Workshop on Active-Matrix Flat Panel Displays and Devices – held in Kyoto.

In the presentation Toshiaki Arai outlined JOLED's technological competence in printing OLED panels and oxide TFT technologies for backplanes.

The press release provided shows JOLED's taking a two-step approach to commercialising printed OLED panels, along with possible target panel sizes and applications. Step-1 shows the company targeting small-medium size panels 10-inch to 40-inch for monitors, large tables, and signage with varying pixel resolutions of 100ppi to 400ppi. In step-2 the company will target 50-inch and above with resolutions of 100ppi to 300ppi for TV and signage applications.

No timeline for the commercialisation of printed large area OLED panels were given.

Sources: "Innovative Technologies for OLED Display Manufacturing (Invited), T. Arai, JOLED., Japan"



JOLED Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo and uses its Ishikawa, Kyoto, and Atsugi Technology Development Centers as bases to conduct research, development, manufacturing, and sales activities for OLED displays, their parts, materials, manufacturing equipment, and associated products.

JOLED was founded in January 2015, combining the OLED display development divisions of Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation, with the goal of accelerating mass production development and commercialization of OLED displays.

In 2016, the company started up a pilot line (substrate size: G4.5), establishing a mass production technology and improving productivity. Later, in December 2017, JOLED began shipment of its first product, the 21.6-inch 4K OLED display.

Source: JOLED

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