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JOLED receives US$400 million from four Japanese companies to invest in OLED development

Denso, Toyota Tsusho, Sumitomo Chemical and Screen Holdings are reported to have made the investment at the end of June 2018

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11 Jul 2018 | Editor

According to a recent video news report on the NHK website four Japanese firms have reportedly invested about US$ 400 million dollars in JOLED - a Japanese developer of printed OLED display panels.

The NHK news report said unnamed Industrial sources had informed them that JOLED had received the investment by the end of June. JOLEd has largely been Government funded through the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.

The Industrial sources believe that four investors made the investment. Denso invested about US$ 270 million dollars, Toyota Tsusho put in about US$ 90 million. Two other companies Sumitomo Chemical (owner of Cambridge Display Technology) and Screen Holdings were named as additional investors.

It has been widely reported that JOLED researchers are working on mass producing OLEDs using a "printing method" to lower manufacturing costs.

The company plans to invest the new funds in its production base in Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan. Aiming to become more competitive with its South Korean and Chinese rivals.

With the increase in capital, shares held by the state-backed fund fell below a majority.

JOLED executives are still seeking investment from other companies and hope to raise over US$ 900 million dollars in total. No timeline for this additional investment has been announced.

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JOLED Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo and uses its Ishikawa, Kyoto, and Atsugi Technology Development Centers as bases to conduct research, development, manufacturing, and sales activities for OLED displays, their parts, materials, manufacturing equipment, and associated products.

JOLED was founded in January 2015, combining the OLED display development divisions of Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation, with the goal of accelerating mass production development and commercialization of OLED displays.

In 2016, the company started up a pilot line (substrate size: G4.5), establishing a mass production technology and improving productivity. Later, in December 2017, JOLED began shipment of its first product, the 21.6-inch 4K OLED display.

Source: JOLED

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