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Sunew partners with Transportadora Americana to provide OPV power on road freight trailers

The partners hope to expand the number of trailers using OPV technology in the pilot project - at least 25+ vehicles

Sunew | TA - OPV attached to trailer

19 Jun 2018 | Editor

Sunew has partnered with Transportadora Americana to provide organic photovoltaic technology to provide independent power to the attached trailer. The pilot project aims to evaluate organic solar energy as a suitable renewable power source to reduce battery useage and fuel consumption with the aim to lower operating costs and reduce the impact to the environment.

The partners believe that the selection of OPV (Organic Photovoltaics) is the only one suitable for this type of application, because it is built on flexible substrates it is less likely to suffer reliability issues arising from constant vibrations and impacts as the vehicles moves along the highways.

The partners hope to expand the number of trailers using OPV technology in the pilot project - at least 25+ vehicles.

The pilot project is expected to demonstrate that OPV technology delivers many benefits compared to the cost of deployment of other solutions.

Sunew | TA - Schematic and power conversion

Figure: Sunew | TA - Schematic and power conversion

Sunew | TA - Trailer with OPV attached

Figure: Sunew | TA - Trailer with OPV attached

Editors note: Merck is listed on the side of the trailer - and are reported to be supplying OPV materials to Sunew.

"Unlike conventional structures, which need to be connected to the battery to ensure operation, the models with the technology of the film allow the driver a safer, more comfortable and cheaper trip."

Filipe Ivo, Business Development Director at Sunew

"One of our operations requires electronic locks. With this technology the energy supply happens independently to the cabin, avoiding problems with locking the doors and loss of system configuration. We gain time and agility in the transfer processes."

"It's really easy to imagine a near future where all our vehicles can be sustainable and efficient."

Celso Luchiari, Director of TA

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Inaugurated in November 2015, Sunew was born with the commitment to change the paradigms of the solar energy industry in Brazil and in the world. It is the result of the convergence of efforts of CSEM Brasil, FIR Capital, BNDES, Tradener and CMU to design the world's largest infrastructure to produce Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Films. The 100% Brazilian company, has partnerships with entities such as FIEMG, FAPEMIG, and Government of Minas Gerais.

Source: SUNEW

About Transportadora Americana

A family-run company, with 76 years of experience in road, air and warehousing segments, with a strong presence in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil, TA has great experience in all the skills of the transportation sector. Its a pioneer in adopting technological solutions, recognized for investing continuously in training its employees?

Source: Transportadora Americana

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