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Pixelligent Technologies closes US$7.6 million funding round

Including Investment from Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co Ltd and and Kateeva Inc - funds aim to accelerate product commercialisation and global customer adoption

18 Apr 2018 | Editor

Pixelligent has announced US$7.6 million in new funding to help further drive product commercialisation and accelerate global customer adoption.

This round of funding includes strategic investments from two new strategic partners, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD. (TOK) and Kateeva, Inc.

This latest investment was led by The Abell Foundation, with strong support from other Baltimore-based investors, including participation from TCP Venture Captial's – Propel I and Propel II venture funds.

Pixelligent said this latest financing builds on the momentum of the past twelve months, where the company ramped up its product development efforts in the rapidly growing OLED Display, HD Display, and AR/VR markets, and increased its manufacturing yields by over 100%.

"The partnership with TOK will provide Pixelligent access to TOK's vast and highly respected formulation expertise, helping us to accelerate product development and customer adoptions on a global basis. As our leading display customers are also requesting that our materials are compatible with inkjet manufacturing equipment, the partnership with Kateeva is a critical step in accessing the expertise and knowledge required to meet this requirement."

"Both of these companies are industry leaders in markets that are critically important to Pixelligent. Having companies of this caliber invest in, and partner with Pixelligent is a great validation of value we have created and the value we are delivering."

Craig Bandes, President & CEO Pixelligent Technologies

"We have been working with Pixelligent for a significant period of time now and feel confident that they have the best and most compatible high refractive index nanodispersions for improving the efficiency and performance for some very important optical device applications. Combining Pixelligent's PixClear® materials with TOK’s world-class high-value added formulations will enable us to address many demanding applications in fast growing markets. These new materials will be formulated to enable application by a variety of methods — nanoimprint, photolithography and inkjet, to name a few — and will enable us to deliver the expanded functionality and performance to all of our customers demanding ultra-high refractive index coatings."

Katsumi Ohmori, TOK

"Kateeva has been working with Pixelligent for the past 18 months as our OLED Display customers are actively looking for ways to improve the efficiency and performance of their displays. Incorporating Pixelligent’s PixClear® nanoadditives to increase the refractive index of numerous layers inside the OLED display stack has the potential to deliver significant increases in light extraction and improve the overall performance of our customers’ display products."

Alain Harrus, Kateeva’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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About Pixelligent

Pixelligent Technologies is the leading high-index advanced materials manufacturer that leverages nanomaterials to develop the world’s best dispersion technology for next generation products in OLED and HD display, OLED and LED lighting, and optical coatings and films applications. Pixelligent’s PixClear zirconia dispersions deliver the highest possible light extraction, near perfect transmission, increased mechanical strength, and dramatic improvements in overall operating efficiencies. The PixClear® nanocomposites can also easily be incorporated into the solvents, polymers/monomers, and manufacturing processes most commonly used in electronics manufacturing

Source: Pixelligent

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