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Thin Film Electronics announces IP licensing agreement and equipment sale related to printed displays and sensors

Thin Film Electronics completes its exit from its original business of printed memory, printed displays and printed sensors to focus on its NFC and analytics business

13 Mar 2018 | Editor

Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm) has announced the licensing of its intellectual property (IP) portfolio related to printed displays and sensors to Consensum Production AB.

Thinfilm disclosed they will receive an up-front license fee. However, no other financial details of ongoing licensing

In a second announcement Thinfilm have sold their roll-to-roll manufacturing equipment, located at the Linköping facility in Sweden, for the manufacturing of printed displays to Sankt Kors Fastighets AB.

Consensum has entered into an agreement with Sankt Kors Fastighets AB for the use of the R2R equipment and facilities.

Consensum Production AB

Further investigation reveals the following people involved with Consensum production:

  • Leif Ljungqvist
  • Göran Gustafsson
  • Hans Hentzell
  • Magnus Berggren

No website presence at the moment

Editor's note: While no specific reasons have been given for the exit from printed organic memory and printed sensors - the signs of this exit has been surfacing for some time - one only has to see the growing number of press announcements from the company about their NFC technology and analytics, Xerox purchase of the rewritable memory IP in Dec 2017. Presumably, NFC is commanding all the company's resources and attention that it makes sense to reduce distractions and give the original printed memory, printed displays and printed sensors to those with a greater desire to build these products and develop the markets and applications.

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