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Sekisui and Secual develop security sensor powered by flexible dye-sensitised solar cell

The security sensor can generate power from as little as 500lx

Sekisui Chemical - A prototype of the sensor using the flexible flexible dye-sensitive solar cell

22 Feb 2018 | Editor

It has been reported by Tech-on news website that Secual Inc and Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd have co-developed the "Secual Next-generation Security Sensor" by using Sekisui Chemical's flexible dye-sensitised solar cell (DSSC).

According to the report the prototype security sensor is equipped with a primary battery, secondary (rechargeable) battery and flexible solar-cell. It is powered by electricity generated by the flexible solar cell and stores surplus electricity in the secondary battery. Secual will develop products for both crime prevention and elderly monitoring.

The flexible solar cell can generate electricity even with an illuminance of 500 lx or less. Its thickness is less than 1 mm, and its weight is less than 1/10 that of glass. It can be bent and attached to an object.

Sekisui developed their flexible solar cell as an independent power source for energy harvest for indoor applications - e.g. electronic advertisement and IoT sensor deployed in houses, offices, cars, underground malls and various places.

Secual is developing and commercialising next-generation security sensors, and power supply to realise stable operation for a long time is an important issue like every IoT device.

Sekisui aims to make further improvements for commercialisation of the above security sensors, and with a goal to start sales in fiscal year 2018 from Secual.

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