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Lumiotec acquired by V-technology

Plans to establish a new subsidiary to develop next-generation OLED mask and deposition technology

22 Feb 2018 | Editor

According to a news report on the OLEDNet website V-technology has announced they are to acquire Lumiotec from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The transaction is expected to be complete by 1 April 2018. No financial details were disclosed.

V-Technology has said they intend to establish an "organic electronics business demonstration facility" in Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture to develop a fine hybrid mask (FHM) - a next-generation deposition mask for OLEDs - as well as next-generation deposition technology.

V technology expects Lumiotec's technology and business know-how to contribute to the group's development.

The total investment is planned to be about 5 billion Japanese yen (US$ 47 million) ove the next two -three years. The facility is scheduled to be completed in August, 2018 and the mask samples are to be shipped from October, 2018.

Further it was reported that V-technology's FHM adopts electroforming method and non-tension structure which is different from conventional FMM manufacturing method. The weight of the mask produced by this FHM method can be reduced to one tenth (1/10) level compared to the existing conventional mask. As the weight decreases, the problem of mask bending due to its own weight and shadow interference problem caused thereby can be solved. V technology already unveiled a FHM that is capable of producing an implement 738ppi UHD at Finetech Japan 2017 in April 2017.

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About V Technology

V-Technology is the company which develops and provides indispensable production system with FPD, Flat Panel Display, industry.

At the same time, we are aiming to expand our areas of business by means of the core technology we have developed so far, as well as through new innovations.

Source: V Technology

About Lumiotec

Lumiotec was established on May 28th, 2008 as the world's first company specialized in the development, production and sale of OLED panels. Thin, lightweight and with no UV emission, OLED lighting can create a new people-friendly environment in everyday living spaces like homes, offices, stores and also in vehicles such as cars, trains and aircrafts.

The OLED panel is the next-generation sustainable light source; it is mercury-free and future improvements to its power efficiency will bring promising effects that will help reduce CO2 emissions through energy-saving benefits.

Our goal is a total innovation toward new forms of lighting design and creation of better living spaces by exploring the potential of OLED panels through continuous research and development

Source: Lumiotec

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