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Nagase Sangyo makes a strategic investment in Kyulux

Nagase investment of Yen 500 million (US$4.6 million) aims to help by offering scale-up expertise and access to an international customer base

19 Feb 2018 | Editor

Nagase Sangyo Co announces that it has taken a 500 million yen (US$4.6 million) investment in Kyulux - who is developing Hyperfluorescence Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) materials for next genration OLED displays. Hyperfluorescence TADF offers higher colour purity at lower power consumption. These materials are expected to raise efficiency of blue OLED materials from 25% to closer to 100%.

Nagase is making this strategic investment with the aim bring their expertise in chemistry to assist in scale-up and to expand their product offering to their existing and new customer base which includes display and tablet manufacturers.

www.nagase.co.jp    www.kyulux.com   

About Kyulux

Kyulux was established in Japan in 2015 to develop next generation materials for OLED displays and lighting. Based on exclusively-licensed technology from Kyushu University, Kyulux develops hyperfluorescence TADF emitters that will enable cost-effective, durable and efficient OLEDs that do not rely on rare metals.

Kyulux is a growing company that currently employs over 30 people in its operations in both Japan and the U.S.

Source: Kyulux

About Nagase

Nagase and Co. Ltd. is a chemicals trading firm, founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1832. The Nagase Group began as a specialized sales agent securing exclusive contracts to sell industry-leading products from around the world in Japan. Over the years, we have leveraged our technology and information gathering expertise —as well as our global network—to transform our business into a hybrid model offering superior manufacturing, processing, and R&D functions as well as trading company services. Looking forward to our 200th anniversary in the year 2032, we are creating a platform for sustainable growth.

Source: Nagase

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