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Kateeva acquires portfolio of inkjet OLED and FPD intellectual property

The patent portfolios related to inkjet equipment and processes for OLED and FPD manufacturing - includes patents issued in China, Japn, Taiwan, Korea and USA

24 Nov 2017 | Editor

Kateeva has announced that it has acquired a portfolio of 648 issued patents and one pending application covering inkjet equipment and related processes used to manufacture OLEDs and flat panel displays (FPDs).

In addition to the patent purchase, Kateeva has been granted a license to the seller's remaining OLED and FPD manufacturing-related patents, giving Kateeva customers license to use such intellectual property (IP) on Kateeva's manufacturing equipment.

The portfolio includes patents issued in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.

Kateeva reports that the transaction significantly expands their existing patent portfolio and further strengthens its global IP position. Further, Kateeva added that this transaction means the company now owns one of the "world's leading" IP portfolios related to inkjet equipment and processes for OLED and FPD manufacturing.

"The seller had developed a strong and highly relevant portfolio in inkjet printing for OLED and FPD manufacturing."

"Our proprietary inkjet-based equipment solution leads the market for OLED thin film encapsulation [TFE] mass production, demonstrating that inkjet technology is essential for the OLED industry. The assets we've acquired today, as well as the patents for which we have received a license in this transaction, expand the technologies we can incorporate into our growing portfolio of YIELDjet products. This will further enhance the enabling value of Kateeva products for our customers who are racing to produce differentiated displays in high volume."

Dr. Conor Madigan, President and COO, Kateeva


About Kateeva

Kateeva makes inkjet deposition production equipment solutions for manufacturers of advanced OLED displays. The company’s YIELDjet™ precision deposition technology platform uses innovative inkjet printing to deposit coatings in complex applications with high speed and accuracy. Today, Kateeva's YIELDjet FLEX system leads the market for inkjet deposition tools used in OLED thin film encapsulation (TFE) mass production.

Kateeva is headquartered in Silicon Valley, maintains operations in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China, and is backed by leading venture capital firms and other investors.

YIELDjet is a trademark of Kateeva, Inc.

Source: Kateeva

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