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Demand for flexible AMOLED smartphone panels growing rapidly

However, in the near term the bulk of the capacity will be limited to LG, Samsung and Apple for the flagship smartphone

8 Aug 2017 | Editor

According to a report on the Digitimes website the demand for flexible AMOLED panels from the smartphone sector is forecast to continue to expand rapidly in 2017 and beyond. The rapid growth is largely due to the planned release of new AMOLED-based models from the major smart phone manufacturers said an unnamed industry sources.

Flexible AMOLED displays are in limited supply as the leading smartphone manufacturers - LG Display, Samsung and Apple are the primary customers as they seek to differentiate their flagship products:

  • LG plans to unveil a premium model, the LG V30, at the end of August, according to the sources. The V30 will feature a 6-inch flexible AMOLED all-screen panel with a 18:9 aspect ratio coming from LG Display.

  • Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy Note 8 during a product event to be held in New York on August 23. The new model is likely to feature a 6.3-inch flexible Super AMOLED curved display from Samsung Display.

  • Apple has long been speculated that it will launch an AMOLED version of its new iPhone in September along with two other LTPS TFT LCD models. The AMOLED version is expected to feature a 5.8-inch flexible AMOLED display.

This lack of supply of flexible AMOLED means that most Chinese smartphone manufacturers have to contend with using rigid AMOLED panels with only a few Chinese smartphone manufacturers are expected to adopt flexible AMOLED displays in the near-term.

According to IHS Market analysis shipments of flexible AMOLED smartphone panels are expected to reach 161 million units in 2017, while those of rigid models will total 286 million units.

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