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Thin Film Electronics and Bardadillo launch largest NFC deployment in the wine and spirits industry

This national campaign includes 126,000 NFC-enabled 'smart' bottles of Castillo de San Diego and is believed to be the largest global deployment of NFC to date within the wine and spirits industry

25 Jul 2017 | Editor

Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm) has announced that Spanish winemaker, Barbadillo, has launched a consumer-focused marketing campaign using Thinfilm's SpeedTap tags and CNECT Brand Analytics SaaS Platform.

This national campaign includes 126,000 NFC-enabled 'smart' bottles of Castillo de San Diego and is believed to be the largest global deployment of NFC to date within the wine and spirits industry. The connected bottles are being sold through 15 major supermarket chains and superstores, including El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Hipercor, Alcampo, and Eroski.

Barbadillo's unique campaign, named Dando en el Blanco (which loosely translates to 'Hitting the Target'), enables the winery to engage directly with consumers, deliver a compelling digital experience, and collect valuable consumer data. Through a customized NFC-enabled neck collar, consumers are instructed to tap bottles of Castillo de San Diego with their smartphone to learn more about the promotion, which offers the chance to win 12 distinct €1,000 prizes.

Upon purchasing and opening a bottle, customers can retrieve a unique code printed on the cork and enter it in the field displayed on their smartphone - along with their name and other personal information - to instantly determine if they are a winner. The campaign, which also includes television, online, and outdoor advertising support.

SpeedTap tags are thin, flexible labels that integrate with a product's packaging or label and can be read instantly (without the need of an app), with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone or device. Each tag is uniquely identifiable and is virtually impossible to clone. Once tapped, the tag wirelessly communicates with Thinfilm's cloud-based software platform - CNECT - to instantly deliver targeted, relevant content from the brand or manufacturer.

The Dando en el Blanco campaign is the second instance Barbadillo has incorporated Thinfilm's NFC technology in one of its products. In February of 2016, the winery launched its Versos 1891 ultra-premium sherry in bottles that featured Thinfilm's OpenSense NFC tags. The tags, in combination with Thinfilm's Authenticator App, successfully facilitated product authentication, thwarted counterfeiters, and prevented unauthorized refills.

The Versos 1891 NFC initiative was highly successful, and spurred Barbadillo executives to pursue consumer engagement applications with Castillo de San Diego - one of its most successful mass-market products.

"Given the success Barbadillo experienced in using OpenSense tags with Versos 1891, we were eager to explore other ways to deploy the technology"

"As a family-owned winery, connecting directly with consumers has always been important to us. Thinfilm's NFC solution gives us a proven channel through which to easily and effectively accomplish that."

Alvaro Alés - Director of Marketing & Communication for Barbadillo

Castillo de San Diego is produced from the Palomino Fino grape and was first bottled commercially by Barbadillo in 1975. It is currently the most widely-sold white wine in Spain.

"The 'Dando en el Blanco' campaign featuring Castillo de San Diego illustrates a compelling use case for NFC mobile marketing - not just in the wine and spirits industry but with other consumer products as well."

"Barbadillo is a thought leader in this regard. We are pleased the Versos 1891 project was successful, and are now excited to bring our solution to Spain's best-selling white wine."

Davor Sutija - CEO of Thin Film Electronics

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About Barbadillo

Barbadillo Wineries was founded in 1821 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and celebrates a one-hundred-year tradition as a 100% family owned winery producer for the products Jerez-Xérès-Sherry, Brandy de Jerez, Vinagre de Jerez, Vinos de la Tierra de Cádiz and D.O. Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and is a leader whose supply quotas exceed 50%.

Barbadillo has currently evolved into a large international projection group, which, besides developing new products within its geographic zone, has incorporated wineries in other Denominaciones de Origen [Wine Appellations], including Bodegas y Viñedos Vega Real located in Ribera de Duero and Bodegas Pirineos, located in Somontano.

Source: Barbadillo

About Thin Film Electronics

Thinfilm is a global leader in NFC mobile marketing and smart-packaging solutions using printed electronics technology. The Company creates printed tags, labels, and systems that include memory, sensors, displays, and wireless communication - all at a cost-per-function unmatched by conventional electronic technologies.

Thinfilm offers end-to-end mobile marketing solutions that feature hardware, label/packaging integration services, and comprehensive cloud-based management, reporting and analytics. Collectively, these components deliver a powerful 1-to-1 digital marketing platform through which brands of all sizes can connect directly with consumers, all with the simple tap of a smartphone. The resulting disintermediation of search engines, online marketplaces, and social platforms empowers brands to control messaging, enhance consumer dialogue, build loyalty, increase engagement, and drive sales.

Thinfilm's roadmap integrates technology from a strong and growing ecosystem of partners to bring intelligence to everyday, disposable items. Its mission is to effectively extend the traditional boundaries of the Internet of Things to fuel the Internet of Everything.

Thin Film Electronics ASA is a publicly listed company in Norway with global headquarters in Oslo, Norway; US headquarters in San Jose, California; and offices in Linköping, Sweden; San Francisco; London; and Shanghai.

Source: Thin Film Electronics

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