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JOLED announces World's 4K OLED panel manufactured by RGB printing methods

The company plans to start first with OLED panels for medical monitors, and then progressively address other segments of the market

17 May 2017 | Editor

JOLED has announced they have developed the world's first 21.6-inch 4K (3,840 RGB × 2, 160 for a total resolution of 8,290,000 pixels) high-definition OLED panel using an RGB printing system.

In addition to adopting the "RGB printing method" of painting all the OLED materials of RGB by printing, JOLED have adopting equipment technology that can uniformly coat large areas substrates all at once. The company did not specify any specific deposition or coating technologies.

In addition, it adopts its own "top emission structure" with high light extraction efficiency, it is the world's first 21.6-inch RGB printing system, has 4K high-definition screen and excellent colour reproducibility and wide viewing angle We will promote the commercialisation of OLED panels that will be realised.

According to JOLED OLED panels have high image quality characteristics unique to them being self-emitting - for instance high contrast, faithful colour fidelity to original and fast response.

Furthermore, since it has advantages such as thinness, light weight, and low power consumption compatibility, it is expected to be used as a next-generation display that creates new applications in a wide range of fields, such as medical use, game monitors, and automotive applications, in the medium-sized panel market.

Since taking over as Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation's OLED panel technology and since its establishment in January 2015, JOLED have been conducting R & D and verification of the manufacturing of OLED panels by printing method.

In the future, the company plans accelerate technological innovation and promote product development leading to "creation of customer value".

Main Specifications of Developed Product

Screen size 21.6 type
Screen dimensions (width x height x diagonal)478.1 mm × 268.9 mm × 548.5 mm
Number of pixels (horizontal × vertical)definition 3,840 (RGB) x 2, 160, 204 ppi
Peak luminance350 cd/m2
Contrast ratio1,000,000: 1
Panel thickness1.3 mm
weight500 g

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JOLED was formed in 2014 by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), Japan Display (JDI), Sony, and Panasonic - (see Innovation Network, Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic form new company - JOLED Inc). Roughly 260 employees are currently employed at the operation, in which INCJ holds a 75% stake followed by JDI at 15%, and Sony and Panasonic each at 5%.

Source: JOLED

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