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Opvius organic photovoltac technology receives CE approval

Graubner Industrie-Beratung and OPVIUS conclude successful joint project for CE marking of OPV modules

20 Apr 2017 | Editor

Opvius GmbH and Graubner Industrie-Beratung GmbH have worked together to jointly undertake a CE conformity assessment of Opvius OPV technology. During the CE conformity assessment procedure, numerous relevant aspects of the product were examined and checked with regard to the applicable regulations. The joint project declares the CE conformity of Opvius OPV technology.

Opvius considers that an important step in the commercialisation of organic photovoltaic technologies.

Opvius - Organic solar cells with CE approval

Figure: Opvius - Organic solar cells with CE approval

Vincent Wolf from Graubner Industrie-Beratung GmbH said, "CE marking is mandatory to enable the free movement of goods within the European Union. For this reason, especially in the case of new technologies such as Opvius OPV, it is important to do the necessary homework in good time." Vincent added, "The investigations carried out in advance were crucial to the evaluation of OPVIUS technology with regard to CE conformity."
Hermann Issa, Senior Director Business Development & Sales from Opvius, said, "We have been working for some time to underpin open questions by means of studies and research work which now allow us to conclude the evaluation procedure. This is an important step, as great care must be taken in particular regarding distribution to the end-customer. On behalf of our clients in industry, we want to safeguard this in good time."

CE Marking

CE marking was introduced to guarantee safe products for consumers in the European Union. As a result, a product may only be offered for sale in the European Economic Area if it conforms to the essential requirements of EU regulations governing the product in question. By applying CE marking, the manufacturer demonstrates that a product fulfils the relevant legal regulations and technical specifications. The overarching objective is the free movement of goods within the European Economic Area.

Source: Opvius


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