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PCAS invests US$8 million to increase manufacturing capacities of organic electronic materials

Half of the investment is focused on OLED, OPV, OFET and sensor technologies - while the other half will be dedicated to photolithography polymers and chemicals

10 Mar 2017 | Editor

PCAS invests US$8 million to increase manufacturing capacities of organic electronic polymers and chemicals

PCAS has announced they will spend US$8 million within the next few years to significantly increase its production capacity of electronic materials.

The main part of the planned investment will be focused on its Canadian plant in Saint-Jean Quebec, and specialised in the production of low metal polymers and complex chemicals for two growing segments of the electronic industry: the production of integrated circuit by photolithography and the organic electronic segment, also known as "printed electronics."

The investment will be split into two halves:

  • The first half of the investment is dedicated to the emerging OLED, Organic Photovoltaic (OPV), Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFET) and sensors technologies
  • The second half of the investment will be dedicated to photolithography polymers and chemicals, in order to extend the manufacturing capacities and to continue lowering the metal level in their products, targeting the low ppt level

PCAS said that they are already among "best-in class" to produce electronic chemicals with metal contamination at the low ppb level, and its next challenge is to reach the low ppt level.

PCAS French site in Normandy will also benefit from this investment to increase its capacity in liquid/solid filtration and participate actively in this growing industry.

PCAS are confident that they are now well positioned to be even more the key partner of the electronic industry. Especially with the recent acquisition in November 2016 of a world-class R&D centre located in Paris area, including a pilot plant for multi-step synthesis and new cryogenic capacities for conductive polymers.


About PCAS

PCAS specializes in the development and production of complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies. With 7% of its net sales earmarked for R&D and a large international footprint, PCAS is the preferred industrial partner for market-leading major global groups. Boasting especially high standards, the company offers of a growing range of proprietary products and solutions in leading-edge segments and also includes two very high-potential subsidiaries: Protéus in biotechnology and Enersens in high-performance insulation. PCAS generated net sales of €179.1 million in 2015 and employs close to 900 people in six countries.

Source: PCAS

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