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Opvius is the new name for Belectric OPV

Opvius' next steps are to establish larger production facility, and to focus on building a bigger worldwide customer base

3 Feb 2017 | Editor

The rebranding of Belectric OPV GmbH to Opvius GmbH reflects increased customer interest in customised organic photovoltaics (OPV) solutions. The brand Opvius bas been created in response to the increase more design and aesthetic-driven customer communications as well as also emphasises the company's independence.

Since 2012 the company has been manufacturing bespoke customised OPV-based solutions for different markets, mainly Building Integrated PV, Automotive and Consumer Electronics. Market readiness for such products has been demonstrated and proven by showcase installations such as the German Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan in 2015 as well as ongoing supply of products to customers.

Opvius has grown in terms of expertise and now in collaboration with its partner network offers turn-key installations and integrations based on customised and aesthetically pleasing OPV technology. This is a result of OPVIUS´s unique and highly scalable manufacturing technology which is based on a combination of coating, laser and printing processes.

Opvius said they are currently the only company worldwide delivering transparent, customised and free-form OPV modules to the market in large quantities – the key unique selling points for OPV with regard to competing technologies.

Belectric OPV / Bischoff Glas Technik - OPV installation on glass Marburg, Germany

Belectric OPV / Bischoff Glas Technik - OPV installation on glass Marburg, Germany

Figure: Opvius / Bischoff Glas Technik - OPV installation on glass Marburg, Germany

Bernhard Beck from Belectric, said, "The improvements OPVIUS has achieved the last years are amazing. With the new brand the company team can be totally focus on their OPV business. We implemented the right DNA to OPVIUS - 'do the right things at the right time with the right partner'."
Hermann Issa, Senior Director of Business Development and Sales, said, "Feedback from the market revealed that company communications should be geared more to the needs of our customers – most importantly via the company’s brand – and that this should be our next step along the road." Hermann added, "This will instantly show our customers that Opvius services are tailored to their needs and represents OPVIUS as an company."
Dr. Ralph Pätzold, CEO of Opvius, said, "When we first created the company in 2012, we had to establish the technology and the market approach for freeform OPV, as well as setting up our partner network and getting things on to the market. Nowadays other, more commercially relevant issues have come into play. For example, it used to be acceptable to spend just a few minutes completely testing each panel for quality. Today, we fight hard to eliminate every second although the tests are already down to single seconds through the initiatives we have taken. There are many other examples of this kind, showing how mature the company has become." Ralph added, "The next big step will be the establishment of a larger production facility, which we have already planned. Soon we will launch this project to deliver considerably more customers worldwide."


About Opvius

Opvius GmbH (formerly Belectric OPV) is founded 2012 and situated in Nuremberg (R&D) and Kitzingen (Manufacturing Center at INNOPARK Kitzingen). OPVIUS develops and manufactures organic solar cells and focuses on the commercialization of customized OPV solutions. The company cooperates closely with established partners in the field of science, industry, energy production, electronics and architecture.

With over 100 customers and projects in more than 15 countries Opvius is one of the leading organic PV providers worldwide. Its position as a technical leader is the result of a high degree of vertical integration in the development and manufacturing processes. With our team of scientists, engineers and manufacturing experts we create customized OPV solutions for your application according to your requirements and thus make full use of the intrinsic advantages OPV offers.

Source: Opvius

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