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Thinfilm and Prime Vision partner to deliver NFC solutions to the mail and parcel industry

Partners will address security, communication, and ecommerce needs using innovative printed electronics technology

21 Dec 2016 | Editor

Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm) has announced a partnership with Prime Vision. The two companies are collaborating to deliver innovative smart-packaging solutions across the broader mail and parcel industry. Dutch postal operator PostNL is a majority shareholder in Prime Vision.

Thinfilm and Prime Vision will may use of Thinfilm's NFC tags - both SpeedTap and OpenSense - in helping address key postal- and logistics-related needs. Applications will initially target increased mail/parcel security, enhanced e-commerce functionality, and improved consumer communication.

According to ThinFilm each SpeedTap and OpenSense tag is uniquely identifiable and virtually impossible to clone, and can be read with the simple tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone or device.

Once tapped, tags wirelessly communicate with the cloud, allowing organisations to connect directly with consumers to instantly deliver authentication messages, serial numbers, and other relevant content.

OpenSense technology also offers additional protection against package tampering and fraud.

Prime Vision provides solutions and has consulted on postal and logistics innovation projects for a large number of national postal organizations, including Austria Post, Australia Post, PostNord, Swiss Post, and Slovenia Post.

Eddy Thans, CEO of Prime Vision, said, "For postal and parcel delivery services, providing confirmation to customers that a package has not been tampered with during transport can be a game changer. But that capability is essentially non-existent in the industry today." Eddy added, "With Thinfilm's NFC technology, our postal and logistics customers will soon be able to track the exact route of delivery and instantly confirm - with the simple tap of a smartphone - that their package has not been opened."
Davor Sutija, CEO of Thinfilm, said, "In working closely with Prime Vision, we are very excited to deliver innovative NFC solutions that help postal and logistics providers provide an even more compelling experience to their customers."

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About Thin Film Electronics

Thinfilm is a leader in NFC smart packaging solutions using printed electronics technology. The first to commercialize printed, rewritable memory, the Company today creates printed tags, labels and systems that include memory, sensing, display, and wireless communication - all at a cost-per-function unmatched by conventional electronic technologies.

Thinfilm's roadmap integrates technology from a strong and growing ecosystem of partners to bring intelligence to everyday items and effectively extend the traditional boundaries of the Internet of Things.

Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") is a publicly listed Norwegian company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway; product development and production in Linköping, Sweden; product development, production, and business development in San Jose, California, USA; and sales offices in the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Source: Thin Film Electronics

About Prime Vision

Prime Vision provides innovative solutions for items on the move and organisations tasked with the delivery of these. The Company is a leading integrator of identification services, recognized as one of the world's leading developers of technology for automation, identification and process control.

Over the years Prime Vision has grown to serve the postal, parcel, logistics and airports with innovative solutions and independent consultancy.

Prime Vision is owned by PostNL, the national postal operator in the Netherlands, and TNO, the Dutch National Institute for applied science. Its headquarters are in Delft, the Netherlands. Prime Vision has sales offices in the UK, Australia and the USA.

Source: Prime Vision

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