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Cynora achieves a new milestone in efficiency and stability of blue TADF emitters for OLEDs

Cynora believes they are "on track" to reach the performance requested by the OLED industry, with the commercialisation of TADF materials still planned for the end of 2017

5 Oct 2016 | Editor

Cynora has announced they have developed new material classes that combine both, high efficiency and long lifetime, for blue emission. With these new achievements, Cynora said they are "on track" to reach the performance requested by the OLED industry. The company also said the commercialisation of TADF (thermally activated delayed fluorescence) materials is still planned for the end of 2017.

Earlier this year, in May 2016, Cynora established two blue emitter systems where one of them showed a high efficiency and the other showed a long lifetime.

During the last 6 months Cynora said they have now made further, significant progress by combining high efficiency and long lifetime in a single blue emitter system.

In an OLED device, the new blue material reaches 14% EQE (external quantum efficiency) together with a lifetime of 420 hours (LT80, at 500 cd/m2, λ < 480 nm). With this performance, Cynora has now shown that blue TADF emitters can reach OLED display specifications soon.

Cynora - Blue TADF emitters

Figure: Cynora - Blue TADF emitters

Cynora's dopants are fully organic and designed for existing vacuum deposition. The company will adapt the blue TADF emitters for solution processing in a second step. With its blue TADF technology Cynora will enable device makers to provide OLED displays with significantly increased energy efficiency and higher display resolution.

Thomas Baumann, CSO at Cynora said, "Our constant progress on blue TADF emitters was made possible by our growing team of TADF experts and by the close collaboration with Cynora's customers." Thomas added, "We have developed several classes of high performance TADF materials which we are currently optimizing for market readiness at the end of next year."


About Cynora

Founded in 2008, CYNORA is a leader in the TADF technology. The company's focus is on high-efficiency blue OLED emitter systems which will enable a significant reduction of the power consumption in OLED devices. The multidisciplinary team of CYNORA, with 70 employees by the end of 2016, is highly focused on meeting the customers’ requirements. CYNORA has established representation in Korea and China and is working closely with its customers on material and device development. The company owns a broad IP portfolio with over 100 patent families and is aiming for over 600 patents.

Source: Cynora


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