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Mbraun Group acquisition of CreaPhys receives full board approval

The acquisition represents an important step as MBraun continues to transform its business to meet the changing needs of customers in today's worldwide markets

31 Aug 2016 | Editor

The MBraun Group and CreaPhys announced earlier this year the execution of a definitive merger agreement whereby the MBraun Group would acquire the shares of CreaPhys GmbH. The merger agreement has now been unanimously approved by the Managing Directors of both companies and had been made official earlier in 2016.

By combining worldwide sales and service network of the MBraun Group with CreaPhys’ deep technological knowledge and strong working relationship with today's research community will ensure best in class products designed for customers all over the world.

The intimate contact to the worlds' leading researchers in organic electronics will sustain and foster the strong position of the MBraun Group in this field.

MBraun will focus on a new segment "Sublimination-Services and Equipment" that the company expects will broaden the range of accessible markets, create less dependence on particular established markets and will contribute to the growth of the MBraun Group.

Mr. Jens Drechsel, The Managing Director at CreaPhys GmbH said "As the newest member of the MBraun family we look forward to providing our full technological expertise in thin film deposition and material purification. It allows us to benefit from MBraun's strong worldwide market position, and to concentrate on our strengths on behalf of our customers. We expect to generate significant synergies for both parties. Additionally, the worldwide service network of the MBraun GROUP will allow a professional after sales and service experience with expedited response times everywhere in the world."
Dr. Martin Reinelt, The MBraun Group president and chief executive officer said, "The acquisition of CreaPhys accelerates MBraun's growth strategy in our thin film deposition technology, material purification, and vacuum sublimation business sectors. This acquisition also represents an important step as MBraun continues to transform its business to meet the changing needs of our customers in today's worldwide markets.

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About MBraun

The MBRAUN GROUP is a leading manufacturer of high-end inert gas technology solutions which are sold worldwide. MBRAUN provides integrated total solutions, specifically in the field of functional layers (e.g. for organic electronic devices like OLED & OPV and thin film batteries).

MBRAUN has production facilities in Germany, USA and China and operates a worldwide sales and service network. Clients and project partners include leading public and private research institutions, equipment manufacturers and industrial users.

Source: MBraun

About CreaPhys

CreaPhys GmbH is a spin-off company from the Dresden University of Technology founded in 1999. The company has in-depth expertise in thin-film deposition and purification of organic materials. CreaPhys is a technology leader in the purification of molecular organic compounds for the production of opto-electronic devices.

High purity materials are the key for numerous applications in life science, fine chemistry, pharmacy and nanotechnology. Organic electronics, in particular, requires extremely high purities for the reproducible mass production of efficient and reliable organic opto-electronic devices, such as OLEDs and organic solar cells.

CreaPhys provides material purification as a service to help material producers and OEMs to enhance their material and device performance. QUANTIpure concept (high-volume-ultra-high-purity) CreaPhys offers opto-electronic grade organic materials in production scale quantities. Production lines are using technology and processes, which have been developed in-house and are based on years of experience in material purification.

CreaPhys also develops, builds and sells systems for the purification of organic materials on an R&D scale as well as for organic thin film deposition (OLEDs, solar cells, etc.)

Source: CreaPhys


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