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Samsung rumoured to be stopping transparent OLED panel production

Although everyone liked transparent displays not enough wanted to buy one

25 Jul 2016 | Editor

Various news reports are suggesting that Samsung is to call a halt to further production of transparent OLED displays.

While they have received interest and ideas for niche applications they have not found broad appeal.

Apparently the reason cited as to why is the fact that demand is simply not sufficient to warrant further investment by Samsung. It seems that everyone liked transparent displays but not enough to buy one.

It is an interesting change of direction as not too long ago Samsung had plans to start production of transparent panels. (See Samsung is reported to be starting production of transparent OLED panels this month - 14 Dec 2015)

According to previous reports the transparent OLED display were to be sited on retailers windows and used for advertising the retailers products. The initial display specifications are rumoured to be 55 inches AMOLEDs with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Samsung - Transparent OLED displays

Figure: Samsung - Transparent OLED displays

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