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LG Display to invest US$1.75 billion for flexible OLED display production line

LG Display aims to complete the new facility by 2018, with 30,000 Gen-6 OLED sheets per month, these flexible OLED panels are expected to be mainly used in high-end smartphones and smartwatches

27 Jul 2016 | Editor

LG Display has announced they will invest US$1.75 billion (KRW1.99 trillion) in a new Gen-6 (1,500mm x 1,850mm) flexible OLED display production line in Paju, South Korea, as part of its preemptive efforts to change and lead the approaching era of flexible OLED screens for mobile devices.

The new production line, E6, will be installed at its P9 plant in Paju with KRW 500 billion already invested to build supporting infrastructure. The E6 line is scheduled to start mass production in the second half of 2018 and will produce 15,000 input sheets per month.

In addition to this new line, LG Display already has a Gen-4.5 flexible OLED display production line (E2) in Paju, and is building another new Gen-6 production line (E5) in Gumi which was announced in July 2015.

LG Display announced in November 2015 that it planned to invest a total of more than KRW 10 trillion for the new P10 plant in Paju to produce mainly OLED displays including large-size OLED displays and flexible OLED displays.

With the investment in P10, which is now under construction, and the expansion of the P9 facility, the company is laying a firm foundation to lead the next generation market for smartphones with its advanced OLED technology.

Industry analysts have said that the new LG Display production line in South Korea will have a capacity of 15,000 sheets per month. LG Display said it will complete building the new facility by 2018, which will allow the company to produce a total of 30,000 Gen-6 OLED sheets. These OLED panels are flexible and expected to be mainly used in high-end smartphones and smartwatches.

LG Display has been active in developing OLED technology:

  • Introduced the world’s first 55-inch OLED TV display in January 2013
  • Introduced the world’s first plastic substrate-based 6-inch flexible OLED display for smartphones in October 2013
  • Introduced the world’s first 1.3-inch circular flexible OLED display in September 2014

According to IHS DisplaySearch research the flexible OLED market is expected to grow rapidly with shipments increasing from 59 million in 2016 to 416 million in 2020.

Dr. Sang-Beom Han, CEO and Vice Chairman of LG Display, said "A paradigm shift to OLED represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the display industry." Dr. Sang-Beom Han added, "LG Display is determined to become the leader in the fast-growing OLED market through timely investments to maximize efficiency."



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