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LG Display increases shipment of large-area OLED panels to 140,000 units

LG Display shipment of 65 inch OLED panels also increases to 28,000 units

20 Jul 2016 | Editor

According to UBI Research, LG Display has sold approximately 140,000 units of OLED panels for TV in Q2 2016. Of these approximately 28,000 were 65 inch panels for large area TVs about double the 2016-Q1 volume.

UBI Research's analysis that LG Display increased 65-inch OLED panel shipments suggests that increased interest from OLED TV companies is growing as demand for 60 inch size panels and more continues to exceeds demand for 50 inch panels.

Recently TV companies, including Germany’s Loewe and Metz are known to have announced their interest in selling large-area OLED TVs.

As part of the analysis UBI Research assesses that Skyworth - a Chinese TV company - received about 30,000 units of OLED panel from LG Display this year.

Further UBI Research analysis said that as OLED panels increase in size, their price difference compared to LCD of similar size is small which UBI believes is the reason LG Display's focus is on panel 60 inch and larger.

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