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Alderley Park Ventures invests in NeuDrive's printable electronics platform

The APV funding will support Neudrive's proof of concept work in biosensors and commercialisation of the FlexOS organic semiconductor inks platform in flexible displays

9 Jun 2016 | Editor

Alderley Park Ventures (APV) has announced they have made an initial £50,000 investment into NeuDrive to help develop a printable electronics platform technology which will be applied in the Biosensor field.

NeuDrive is dedicated to working with its partners to develop the commercial applications of organic semiconductor materials and associated organic thin film transistor technology. NeuDrive's FlexOS inks and associated low temperature application processes have been developed to deliver outstanding transistor performance on flexible substrates.

NeuDrive, Based at BioHub at Alderley Park, is part of the BioCity Accelerator programme.

Claire Brown at APV said, "Alderley Park Ventures are delighted to be part of this early stage financing round of NeuDrive Ltd which is a great testimony to the success of our BioCity Accelerator programme. We chose to invest in NeuDrive because we were impressed by the breadth of application of their proprietary organic printable electronics platform (FlexOS) that can be exploited across many industries." Claire added, "While NeuDrive continues to exploit the application of their exciting technology in the backplane displays arena, they had also identified the potential for their technology in Life science and Healthcare in the development of novel sensors. This extremely dynamic sector - where remote monitoring and wearable devices is a hot topic - is one that, by working closely with them on the BioCity Accelerator DEVELOP programmes we hope we can help unlock the full potential of this exciting technology."
Malcolm Stewart, CEO of NeuDrive, said, "The Alderley Park Ventures investment was made alongside further investment from NeuDrive’s founders. We were keen to have the involvement of APV as we are interested in developing the applications of our technology in healthcare and the strong links of APV into this sector provide an ideal opportunity to strengthen our network in this area." Malcolm added, "The APV funding has been earmarked to support our proof of concept work in biosensors alongside our ongoing commercialisation of the FlexOS organic semiconductor inks platform in flexible display applications."

www.neudrive.com    www.biocity.co.uk/investment/alderley-park-ventures   

About NeuDrive

The FlexOS ​materials platform was created through a partnership between Peakdale Molecular Limited, a contract research organisation servicing the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sectors and Centre For Process Innovation Limited, custodians of the UK's National Printable Electronics Centre. The fruits of this partnership were brought together when NeuDrive completed its acquisition of the patents underpinning the technology in November 2014.​

Source: NeuDrive

About Alderley Park Ventures

Alderley Park Ventures (APV), the investment fund was created in late 2014 and is managed by BioCity. APV provides Pre-seed (<£80k) and Seed capital (£80-£500k) to help kick start innovative businesses. So far it has invested £650k in four companies with a further £150k close to completion.

Source: Alderley Park Ventures


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