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Screen starts commercial production of Gen 6 polyimide coating for OLED panel manufacturing

These machines can uniformly coat Gen-6 substrates with polyimide to a thickness of 10 microns in less than 120 seconds

18 May 2016 | Editor

According to the Nikkei Asian Review website Screen Holdings is reported to be entering the business of building production machines for manufacturing OLED panels, in response to growing production of such panels for smartphones in Japan, China and South Korea.

The Kyoto-based company has, until recently, only made and sold production equipment for pilot lines. The company has now moved beyond pilots and has developed equipment compatible with Gen-6 substrates (1500 mm x 1850mm), and has, since April, begun supplying them for panel mass production.

Screen's systems are used for coating polyimide, plastic that forms the substrate for OLED panels. The company's equipment can uniformly coat Gen-6 substrates to a thickness of 10 microns in less than 120 seconds.

In addition, these machines prevent foreign bodies and bubbles appearing across the substrate, and have a defect ratio of less than 10%. They also reduce cleaning costs - which the report says can run around 20 million yen (US$183,000) a month - by half, enabling smartphone panels to be produced more at lower costs.

This is a new product category for Screen and has grown from the company's main business of systems for producing LCD panels and semiconductors. It has improved nozzles for coating substrates and made them usable even with highly viscous OLED liquids.

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About Screen Holding

Screen Holdings Co., Ltd. (Screen HD) was established in 1943 under the name of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. The company changed its name in 2014 after dividing its operations into businesses handling semiconductor production equipment, graphic arts and PCB-related equipment and flat panel display (FPD) and other fine technology equipment.

Screen HD manages a total of 46 group companies worldwide. These operations manufacture and distribute many of the world’s leading products in areas including semiconductor cleaning equipment, computer to plate (CTP) recorders for printing and FPD coater/developers. Based on its core technologies in surface processing, direct imaging and image processing, Screen HD is currently developing businesses in four new fields: renewable energy, life sciences, inspection and measurement, and printed electronics.

Source: Screen Holding


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