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OLEDWorks announce new addition to the product range

The Keuka module uses Lumiblade OLED panels and will be available in several finishing levels allowing customers to have full control of the final design, look and feel of the product

14 Mar 2016 | Editor

OLEDWorks has announced a significant expansion to its product portfolio with new Lumiblade Brite 2 OLED panels featuring two white colour temperatures and the launch of the Keuka OLED Module. OLEDWorks will be showcasing the functionality of these panels at this year’s Light + Building show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Lumiblade Brite 2

Along with the expanded colour temperatures - 3,000K and 4,000K - and CRI greater than 90, the new Lumiblade Brite 2 OLED panels provide enhanced performance with 62 lm/W and 50,000 hours at nominal brightness. Additionally, the Brite 2 products boast the industry leading brightness range with a maximum brightness at 8,300 cd/m2. The panels will be offered in two product shapes, square and rectangle, to meet a wider set of end users.

OLEDWorks - Lumiblade Brite 2

Figure: OLEDWorks - Lumiblade Brite 2

The Lumiblade products will continue to be manufactured in Aachen, Germany. Engineering samples will be available at the end of the second quarter.

Keuka Module

The Keuka Module design showcases OLED thinness while simultaneously incorporating an integrated driver, which can dim to 25%. The innovative system design features an easy to use, versatile socket solution which allows for two different panel insertion orientations so that light can be directed as desired by the end user.

OLEDWorks - Keuka Module

Figure: OLEDWorks - Keuka Module

OLEDWorks said that the Keuka module family will include several performance and cost options to address a wide range of applications.

Daniel Hoffmann, Lumiblade Brite Product Manager, said, "The addition of the new Lumiblade Brite 2 OLED panels is a result of OLEDWorks commitment to continuous improvements and investments in our product offerings." Daniel added, "With expanded options in color temperatures, our new OLED panels offer designers the freedom to design with little restrictions in functionality and performance."
John Hammer, COO of OLEDWorks, said, "We are excited to introduce a new product design that embraces the true beauty of OLED lighting." John added, "With its simple, yet innovative and adaptable design, the Keuka Module enables lower product development costs and product differentiation to our integration customers. The Keuka module uses our Lumiblade OLED panels and will be available at several finishing levels allowing our customers to have full control of the final design, look and feel of the product."


About OLEDWorks

OLEDWorks is a leader in the development and production of affordable and innovative organic light-­‐emitting diode lighting solutions. OLEDWorks was founded by many of the original pioneers in the OLED industry, giving OLEDWorks the unique OLED production experience and insight into manufacturing strategies specifically tailored to lighting. OLEDWorks applies its more than 300 person yearsof collective industry experience in OLED technology to making the most advanced and cost effective solutions in OLED lighting.

With production in Aachen, Germany and Rochester, New York, where it is headquartered, OLEDWorks is the only U.S.-­‐based OLED light engine and panel manufacturer, and has become the dependable source for OLED lighting solutions.

Source: OLEDWorks


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