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LG Display to showcase innovative OLED Light products and solutions at Light+Building 2016

OLED light is already creating new markets and is set to become part of everyday life and will transform the lighting industry

14 Mar 2016 | Editor

LG Display has announced that it is showcasing its latest advanced OLED light products and solutions at Light+Building 2016. In total eleven OLED light panels are being exhibited along with four solutions using the panels.

LG Display wants to highlight the key advantages of OLED light, including the design flexibility that makes it suitable for different applications and venues, as well as its supreme light quality which is closest to natural light, thereby making people feel comfortable and reducing eye fatigue

The four solutions using OLED light panels:


  • The flexible OLEDs can be used to create unique and creative decorative lighting fixtures

  • The creativity in design increases along with the length of the panels
  • The flexible OLED light panels are light-weight and unshatterable
  • There are applications using 200mm x 50mm flexible panels and 406mm x 50mm flexible panels
  • The main highlight in this section is an application using many 320mm x 320mm flexible panels

Transparent Connection

  • The LG Display OLED light panel generates a floating light effect by attaching the panel to glass and providing power through metal mesh transparent conductive film
  • OLED lighting can be applied to display cabinets, shelves, and furniture
  • Especially when it is applied to shelves at stores, the lack of heat preserves product quality while the lack of shadow makes them more visually appealing to customers
  • The simplicity of OLEDs opens up the possibilities of various designs and applications


  • By embedding the OLED lighting into mirrors, LG Display has created a solution that can have a variety of uses
  • OLED lighting can be used as a mirror in upscale hospitality settings or as a unique display box in high-end retail stores
  • When other light sources are used in a mirror solution, they tend to make the mirror too thick whereas OLED keeps the mirror thin and also minimises glare


  • OLED light panels allow for easy installation in diverse settings
  • LG Display is introducing super-slim OLED light modules at the fair with a simple aluminium housing that connects multiple panels into each module, generating unique and sleek designs
  • LG Display will be showcasing module solutions in order to demonstrate how well OLED light can be applied to interior design and architecture
LG display - Flexible OLEDs LG display - Flexible OLEDs

Figure: LG display - Flexible OLEDs

LG Display is also exhibiting a mock-up OLED tail lamp along with partner companies' products using LG Display OLED light panels.

Mr. Sung Soo Park, Vice President and Head of OLED Light Division, said, "LG Display is committed to bringing this exciting new technology to customers around the world in the broadest array of applications. OLED light is already creating new markets with its key features of eye-comforting light uniformity and design possibilities, and we are confident that it will become part of our everyday life and transform the lighting industry."


About LG Display

LG Display Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading innovator of display technologies including thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD), OLEDs and flexible displays. The company manufactures and provides display panels in a broad range of sizes and specifications primarily for use in TVs, notebook computers, desktop monitors, and various other applications including tablets, mobile devices. LG Display also produces OLED light panels in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Source: LG Display


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