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China panel makers striving to develop flexible AMOLED

The rapidly developing market for flexible AMOLE dhas triggered an grwoing and active interest from Chinese panel manufacturers

2 Mar 2016 | Editor

Digitimes Research has released new analysis of the Chinese flexible AMOLED market. According to the report as a result of seeing that Samsung Display and LG Display have started volume production of flexible AMOLED panels for use in smartphones and other mobile devices, China-based panel makers BOE Technology, Kunshan Visionox Display, Guangzhou New Vision Opto-Electronic Technology have also been developing such panels, with Kunshan Visionox planning to begin volume production in first-quarter 2017, according to Digitimes Research.

BOE, Kunshan Visionox and Guangzhou New Vision initially focus on 9.5-, 4.6- and 5.0-inch, respectively, flexible AMOLED panels, Digitimes Research indicated.

The three China-based makers adopt PI (polyimide) substrates for flexible AMOLED panels. For TFT backplanes Kunshan Visionox adopts LTPS while the other two adopt Oxide TFT.

Judging from the difficulties other makers have experienced developing such panels, Kunshan Visionox is unlikely to begin volume production as planned, and there will probably be a delay of 12 - 18 months.

China-based Tianma Micro-electronics, China Star Optoelectronics Technology and Truly Opto-electronics have also been developing non-flexible AMOLED panels.



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