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Samsung Display moves full steam ahead with flexible OLED production

Samsung Electronics plans to secure facilities with a monthly production capacity of 9 million flexible OLED panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge

15 Feb 2016 | Editor

According to a news article on the Business Korea news website Samsung Display has started production of AM-OLED panels for Samsung Electronics' strategic smartphones, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to be launched on Feb. 21 2016.

In particular, the company plans to secure facilities with a monthly production capacity of 9,000,000 panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge, which uses flexible OLED display panel.

The article said that unnamed industry sources suggested that on 14th February Samsung Display has begun operating the A2 and Tangjeong A3 flexible OLED lines at the Asan plant in South Chungcheong Province. With the focus to produce panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Its A2 5.5-generation line can produce up to 24,000 substrates per month, while the A3 6-generation line produces 15,000 substrates per month.

On average, a single sheet of Gen 6 mother glass can produce 300 5-inch panels for mobile phones, in contrast a Gen 5.5 can produce 220 panels for smartphones

However, the figure can vary according to process yield rates. Industry watchers estimate that the two lines can manufacture up to 9,000,000 flexible OLED panels per month when they operate at their maximum yield rates. No details fo the yiled rate has been supplied.

Samsung - Flexible OLED display

Figure: Samsung - Flexible OLED display

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